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Without doubt this is the best book on small business marketing I have read. A no-nonsense, honest to goodness, blueprint that any small business can implement and improve their bottom line. It cuts through the jargon and delivers something that can be used in the real world.” Jason Morris, The Profit Engine, Amazon review

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Stylish family business doubles income in 12 months →eCommerce Marketing Case Study: Doubled income in 12 months

By a combination of hard work and implementing Watertight Marketing our turnover has doubled in the past year. It’s taken the weight off our shoulders and we’ve gone from thinking ‘Is this going to work — to yes, this is 100% going to work — now let’s keep it growing, year on year.” Hollie Brooks, Co-Founder, MiaFleur

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Your copy of Watertight Marketing is accompanied by a powerful set of exercises that build step-by-step into a comprehensive marketing action plan for your growing business.

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